Six Must Have Tools In Your Garage

Posted by Joel Primmer on July 29, 2015

There are fundamental tools that every garage should have to make it more effective. A well-equipped garage with the right tools leads to mechanical excellence. Working with the right equipment is enjoyable and satisfying.

What holds homeowners back from equipping their garages with quality tools is cost. You can find great deals at big box retailers or online construction supply companies like

Here are the six tools that are a must have in your garage:


Good quality screwdrivers are some of the most important tools you should have in your garage. Mostly there are three types of screws; flat-head (slotted head), Phillips(plus-sign set_of_insultated_screw_drivershead) and torx (six-point head). It’s necessary to have a full set of the screwdrivers to tackle every need that arises with minimal struggle. This will also help you to handle tight spaces.


A garage is not complete without a wrench. This tool is used for tightening to the required levels such as bolts .It’s important to have different sizes of wrenches for them to be effective and convenient. A wrench is really important as it ensures the wheel lug is tight enough for normal driving, and it should be well maintained and handled carefully.

Floor jack and jack stand

An efficient floor jack is an essential tool for your garage. A good floor jack fits well under your car and gives you enough space to work. Jack stands hold your vehicle safely while you are working underneath it ensuring that you remain safe.

Inspection lamp

Good lighting is a must-have for your garage to ensure successful proceedings of the work .you cannot be able to fix without seeing properly and, therefore, an inspection lamp is very vital for your garage. Lighting assists you to see the deep parts in your vehicle such as in the engine bay and be able to identify a problem and fix it accurately.inspection_light

Fire extinguisher
A garage is enclosed with flammable materials, explosive liquids and electrical source of energy such as a battery meaning that there is a high risk of fire. Having something that can put out the fire is important and should not lack in your garage for the advantage of all the property in the garage and your safety.


Pliers are very important with various uses in the garage. They can be applied in the work of adjusting metal parts, cutting wires and also used in grabbing various objects in tight areas. There are various types of pliers such as needle nose and wire cutters.

Having these tools in your garage will ensure that you’re always prepared! And make sure to visit to get a great deal.