The Damage That Water Can Do

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Water damage can be a very serious problem if it occurs in the home. It is important to deal with the problem immediately, to ensure that the damage does not become permanent. Make sure that you go to the company website because these guys understands the correct procedure when dealing with water damage. In warmer cities, such as San Francisco, California, dealing with water damage immediately can be especially important as the generally warmer temperature means that the overwhelming smell that comes from water damage and mold, can spread faster making your home unlivable.


The first step that a water damage San Fransisco would take is to assess the damage. They will immediately find the area of the home, in which the water came from. They will then go on to pin point the exact source of the damage. This is vital as they cannot fix the problem, without knowing where it started.


protimeterThe second step in the process is to locate every area that was damaged. This is not always visible to the naked eye so Water Damage SF use a Protimeter, which is a device that measures moisture. They would use this to detect how much moisture is in the air. Their main aim here is to lower the relative humidity, which is basically just the amount of moisture in the air.


Once this has all been assessed, the water damage professional will typically deal with the damage that has been done to carpet. With every step of this process, the faster it is fixed, the less likely the risk of permanent damage is. They will use a water claw, which is attached to a truck mount. This is a device that simply acts as a vacuum, literally sucking all the water out of the carpet to ensure it is dried at the fastest rate.


The next step is to remove the moisture from the air. Air movers will be placed on the wall at the exact spot that has been damaged. This will hopefully remove the moisture from the walls and therefore the surrounding air. Again, the general intention is to lower the relative humidity and dehumidifiers will be brought in to ensure this.


The time it takes for the process of the air movers and dehumidifiers can vary, depending on the severity of the damage. Each state holds a different “standard” of how much moisture in the air can be considered safe. For example, the standard that is considered safe in San Francisco, CA will differ from that in other states. The water damage professional will apply these techniques until they can be sure that the correct standard is met and the area can be considered safe.


Water damage can be a very serious problem and if left untouched could result in mold, therefore it is extremely important to deal with the problem as soon as you find it. Water damage professional will be efficient in making your home safe and hopefully be able to stop any serious damage from occurring.


Water Damage San Fransisco

Best Reno Materials To Use In Moist Climates

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rain-delayAre you planning on renovating your home? Do you want to find the best reno materials to use in moist climates as if you were gong to do home renovations Vancouver style? If you have answered affirmatively to either one of these two questions, then you should definitely keep on reading this article. When you live in a moist climate, you have to be aware that the materials you would normally use for a home improvement project might not work. You need to find materials that are suitable for the weather conditions you find yourself into, materials that are going to guarantee long-lasting results of your work.

When it comes to finding the best reno materials to use in moist climates, there is no better place to search other than the Internet. However, before you decide on a particular online store from where to make your purchase, you should thoroughly analyze what they have to offer. Keep in mind that the materials you will purchase should deliver durability, performance and comfort. They need to make your house energy efficient, even if you live in a moist climate. Also, keep in mind that on these websites, you might also find specialized advice on how to keep the moisture under control inside the house.

These are the best reno materials to use in moist climates:

  • Windows – don’t go around and choose any windows. Find those that can control the levels of light coming in the house and also those who guarantee the best anti-moisture control. Choose window flashing to protect yourself from the moist climate.
  • Sealed ducts – if you do not use properly sealed ducts, then you will suffer from the same amount of humidity inside the house, as there is outside. This is why it is recommend that, during the home improvement project, the ducts are put in the conditioned space. Keep in mind that excessive humidity inside a house leads to the appearance of mold.
  • Air conditioning – you cannot consider a home improvement, without adding an air conditioning unit or improving the one you already have. Choose the right size and the best efficiency to keep the excessive humidity out.
  • Dehumidifier – this is one of the most necessary materials in a moist climate. It is recommended that you install the dehumidifier in the basement, where there is the highest amount of moisture.
  • Sealed combustion – this is recommend in order to prevent excessive humidity from building inside the house but also to remove any combustion gases.

As you can see for yourself, the list with the best reno materials to use in moist climates includes some pretty interesting choices. However, these were just several examples mentioned and you can certainly find many more online. Consider using overhangs, insulation materials, air sealants and moisture barriers. All of these materials are going to guarantee that your property remains in top shape, despite the excessive humidity. Do not hesitate to obtain all the information you need on properly using all of the materials that were mentioned here; otherwise, you may discover that you did more harm than good.

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