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What Goes Into A Landscapers Toolkit?

Posted by Joel Primmer on August 29, 2015 with No Comments

To create an attractive landscape, a landscaper needs must have working knowledge about each tool in his arsenal. Additionally, for a successful landscaping project to take place, it requires perfect coordination and use of sound equipment. Final grade in Edmonton, Alberta is an art, and any successful artist must have the right tools.

Although, not all landscapers handle the same tool-set when landscaping, the crew over at Final Grade Edmonton shared some of the most utilized tools of basic garden preparation. The tools are divided into categories such as power equipment, hand tools and extensive equipment for companies.

Hand tools

Includes equipment mostly used physically through hands.

1. Small spade: Best used for digging weeds in places out of reach, annual hole digging and cautious digging around small plants.

prong_captivators2. Large spades: Often used for drilling holes where large and medium size crops would be planted. Landscapers use the shovel to shift top soil on top of garden beds.

3. Pruning tools: Most landscapers use this tool for cutting out small branches out of bushes and shrubs to create an excellent shape and maintain healthiness.

4. Prong cultivators: Landscapers use the tool to break soil clumps. Additionally, the tool is also used to remove weeds and small rocks from gardens.

5. Sprayers: Used to spray insecticides and clean water into the backyard.

6. Leaf rake: Landscapers use the leaf rake to remove dry and fallen twigs and leaves.

7. Garden rake: Used to even out soil and rake flowerbeds. Great for smoothing out your final grade.

Power equipment

1. Tiller: Landscapers use gas tillers to break the soil and prepare flower beds.

lanscaper_using_weed_wacker2. Chainsaw: Used for the trimming of large trees. Gas powered chainsaw are most preferable.

3. Weed whacker: Used to cut out the grass in areas unreachable by the mower. Gas powered weed whackers are most preferred.

4. Leaf blower: Used to blow out grass and leaves from a customer’s yard.

5. Utility trailer: Landscapers need utility trailers to carry the equipment from one place to another.

6. Snow blower: Landscapers use the equipment for snow removal in cold areas.

Large equipment

1. Crane truck: Used to move transplanted large trees from one place to another. Hand or pickups can not move the transplanted trees.

2. Flatbed truck: Landscapers use the vehicles to carry out extensive operations such as moving bulldozers of fully grown trees. Flatbed trucks are often used to facilitate transportation of heavy machinery for use by the landscapers.

man_operating_ditch_witch3. Bulldozer: Often used by landscapers when dealing with large landscaping contracts. The bulldozers are used to move earth from one place to another. In other words, they are used to shape the land, like in the final grade stage.

4. Ditch witch: Landscapers use the ditch witch to dig large and deep trenches for the use of installation of pipes and wires underground. In most cases, the ditch witch is expensive, so they are continuously used for hire by most landscaping companies.

5. Skid Steer: Also called Bobcats. The skid steers are used to move a large amount of dirt and gravel from one place to another. In most cases, the machine is used when bulldozers are too large for the job.

6. Backhoe: Used to dig big holes.

Final Grade in Edmonton, Alberta understands that each tool has its application purpose. They want to remind you not to become overwhelmed, and often these tools can be rented. If you prefer to not go the do-it-yourself route and be forced to purchase or rent final grading equipment, Final Grade Edmonton located in Alberta Canada is an excellent company with proven results.

How To Generate Construction Leads Using PPC

Posted by contact on August 22, 2015 with No Comments

There are more than 50,000 general foremen in any given area, and every one of them is going after the same leads. Yellow pages, Television, and Radio have been traditional advertising platforms. However, it’s clear that online PPC services and video marketing are required for businesses to stay relevant in today’s noisy world.

You can erect a website, but without guided traffic to that website you’re spinning your wheels. We’ve turned to Clicks Geek Innovative Search Marketing to give us an overview on ways construction companies can compete for online leads.


Google’s AdWords is a game changer for small and local businesses. It provides an online advertising platform where small companies can purchase targeted keywords to bring in targeted traffic. AdWords can be managed by a Pay-Per-Click management company that understands how to create focused campaigns that drive traffic to your website or a landing page.

PPC Services

Being on the first page of a potential customer’s query items is a significant piece of any business; it is no more a select club of substantial organizations who promote online and follow paid advanced media. From Google Adwords to Facebook Ads, PPC services provide the business owner a multitude of ways to drive traffic.

Mobile SEO

Another attractive and practical way you can advertise and optimize your business is through mobile SEO, these days everyone is doing their searches using their mobile devices. If your business website is not optimized, you can’t be accessed by mobile searchers that are the reason you should make sure that you make your website translated to the responsive mobile site. Then hire experienced SEO experts to market your website presence.

Social Media Marketing

Another avenue that you can exploit is the social media marketplaces, and many prospective customers can quickly view social media places like Facebook, and others. If your business appears there in a constructive manner by the use of expert contents, you can get customers almost immediately. One of the best places to market your construction services is social media networks because you can communicate with your prospective clients in real-time without wasting time.

From construction companies to local contractors, online advertising exposes your business to clients that you would never have been able to reach!